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Luxury Skincare


2017 International INPEX Award Winner

Recognised in Cosmoprof Trends 2018 

Crystal Peeling devices of the highest quality

A set of handcrafted crystal files and lenses designed to treat and nourish your skin and nails. The abrasive surface will deposit silica into your skin and nails in each treatment resulting in more youthful appearance of the skin and stronger nails.


Make Sakury part of your regular beauty routine and discover the positive effects of amorphous silica for yourself.

99.7% pure quartz

Radiant and healthy skin through Silica


Silica binds water in your skin and has a rejuvenating effect


Anti-bacterial properties of silica prevent skin inflammation and alleviate skin conditions


Silica stimulates collagen production and regenerates elastin reducing the depth of wrinkles

Sakury Face

Sakury Face is a revolutionary, natural and hygienic crystal peeling lens that gently but very effectively exfoliates the skin. Thanks to its special abrasive surface, created with our Silica technology, it can remedy imperfections such as fine wrinkles or blemishes. It softly removes the upper layer of the skin and prepares the skin to better absorb creams and serums.

$50.00 AUD

A new way of hydro-microdermabrasion - rejuvenate your face by restoring silica in your skin.

60-second face hydro-microdermabrasion

Visible results after only 1use

Improved skin elasticity & hydration

Better absorption of creams and serums

Ideal treatment for all skin types

Sakury Body

Sakury Body is a revolutionary, natural and hygienic crystal peeling lens that gently but very effectively exfoliates the skin. Thanks to its special abrasive surface created with our Silica technology it can remedy imperfections and remove a lifeless upper layer of the skin, multiplying its capacity to absorb body lotions.

$130.00 AUD

Sakury Nails

$30.00 AUD

Sakury Feet

$45.00 AUD

A new way of hydro-microdermabrasion - slow down aging by restoring silica in your skin all over your body.

Body hydro-microdermabrasion

Better absorption of lotions

Improved skin elasticity & hydration

Two roughness grades for soft or thick skin

Ideal treatment for all skin types

A new way of manicure with silica - let silica provide strength and beauty to your nails.

3-in-1 manicure for nail filing, cleaning and cuticle treatment

Stronger and healthier nails

Ideal treatment for brittle nails and agnail

Gentle treatment for your nails and skin around the nails

A new way of pedicure with silica - keep your feet hydrated and less prone to dry or cracked skin.

Wet or dry application

Ideal treatment for dry and cracked heels and calluses

Gentle treatment for your feet

Suitable for diabetic foot

Our Mission

"Turn your home into a Day Spa"

The collection of Sakury cosmeceutical products has been designed for everyone who would like to enjoy a "Day Spa" experience at home.