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A new way of hydro-microdermabrasion - Slow down aging by restoring Silica in your skin all over your body.

Sakury Body (diameter 100 mm, thickness 6 mm)

  • Perform SAKURY BODY peeling ONCE A WEEK after bath or while having a shower on CLEAN AND MOIST SKIN. Before use, soak the abrasive surface in water. The peeling is performed by gentle circular motions of the lens without using force or pressure! Do not repeat the peeling in the same place more than once! After the treatment, rinse your skin with clean water and dry it with a soft towel using gentle dabbing motions. 


    Please avoid treating any skin growth (like warts) and any open wounds or scabs.


    The lens has two sides with different grades of roughness. The softer side is for the body while the rougher side should be used for ingrown hairs or thicker skin. After application the skin is soft, toned and looks young.


    Sakury Body peeling is SUITABLE FOR all skin types. Also suitable for old scars, stretch marks and keratosis pilaris. Regular use of the peeling improves hydration, elasticity by supporting collagen / elastin production. The overall condition of the skin is visibly improved.


    A delicate burning or stinging sensation may appear as a reaction to Silica. There may also be a temporary worsening, followed by improvements to your skin.


    Hygienic maintenance is simple because silica, the mineral, is naturally anti-bacterial. After the treatment rinse the abrasive surface with warm running water and let it dry. Store in a dry place. No cleaning agents are required.


    The abrasive surface lasts about 6 months when used regularly.


    Disclaimer: Product is made of glass. Handle with care. Do not use if damaged or chipped. When not in use, store in a safe place. Manufacturer and distributor are not liable for any damages resulting from misuse. Keep out of reach of children.