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Discover a New Way of Pedicure with Silica


Keep your feet hydrated

and less prone to dry or cracked skin

Sakury Feet

Suitable for diabetic foot

SAKURY FEET is an ergonomic crystal pedicure file with silica abrasive surface. The file has a positive effect on dry or cracked heels and calluses. The product is made using Silica Technology which incorporates amorphous silica into the abrasive glass surface and deposits silica right into the skin during the treatment. The silica abrasive surface improves skin hydration, reduces itching and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Lenght 155 mm

$45 AUD

Thickness 4 mm


Sakury Feet is suitable for both wet and dry application. Simply use it when you need it. When having problems with dry and cracked heels we recommend beginning the treatment with WET PEDICURE. Use Sakury Feet in the way you would use your ordinary foot file - wet your skin on your feet enough and then gently scour the feet - we recommend to prolong the procedure for a couple more minutes with less pressure and friction rather than vice versa.

No doubt, you wish to remove the dead skin but make sure you do not affect the new skin underneath. No matter how the dead skin is rough, you should always be careful during its removal.

Sakury Feet is SUITABLE FOR daily foot care. Also suitable for diabetic foot.

Product Care

Hygienic maintenance is simple because silica, the mineral, is naturally anti-bacterial. After the treatment rinse the abrasive surface with warm running water and let it dry. Store in a dry place. No cleaning agents are required.


The abrasive surface lasts about 9 to12 months when used regularly.


Product is made of glass. Handle with care. Do not use if damaged or chipped. When not in use, store in a safe place. Manufacturer and distributor are not liable for any damages resulting from misuse. Keep out of reach of children.