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A New Way of Manicure with Silica


Let Silica provide strength and beauty to your nails

Sakury Nails

3-in-1 Manicure

For natural nails only

SAKURY NAILS is an ergonomic crystal nail file with silica abrasive surface. The file is gentle to your nails and has a positive effect on nail breakage and splitting. The product is made using Silica Technology which incorporates amorphous silica into the abrasive glass surface. The silica abrasive surface releases silica nourishing and strengthening your nails and skin.

Length 155 mm

Thickness 3 mm

$30 AUD


Sakury Nails is designed as a 3-in-1 MANICURE file for easier and faster manipulation: The file handle is designed for cuticle treatment, the file tip is designed for cleaning nails and the long abrasive surface for nail filing.

The file is designed for the final nail treatment of natural nails only.

Sakury Nails is SUITABLE FOR natural healthy nails, brittle nails, and for the care of agnail.

In case of brittle and splitting nails, we recommend filing the nail edges gently every 2 days. Improvement is usually visible within 14 days. In case of agnails the surrounding skin can be gently filed.

Product Care

Hygienic maintenance is simple because silica, the mineral, is naturally anti-bacterial. After the treatment rinse the abrasive surface with warm running water and let it dry. Store in a dry place. No cleaning agents are required.


The abrasive surface lasts about 3 to 6 months when used regularly.


Product is made of glass. Handle with care. Do not use if damaged or chipped. When not in use, store in a safe place. Manufacturer and distributor are not liable for any damages resulting from misuse. Keep out of reach of children.