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How are we different?

All our products are made using SILICA TECHNOLOGY which incorporates amorphous silica into the abrasive glass surface. The silica abrasive surface is made by using quartz of 99.7% purity. Apart from gently cleaning the skin (to remove dead skin cells) without using any gel or cream, the abrasive surface delivers amorphous silica right into your skin. Silica is a key building block of collagen fibers and helps bind water in your skin which ensures its elasticity. Silica improves skin condition and enables better absorption of creams and lotions after usage. Sakury products are hygienic in every moment you use them on your skin because silica is naturally anti-bacterial. 

Key Benefits

Strengthening the skin immune system

Stable balance of your skin micro-flora

Antibacterial abrasive surface

Boosts collagen production

Supports blood vessels

Keeps skin hydrated

Builds strong and healthy nails

Environmental Impact

NO CHEMICALS (acids or glues) are used in the production.

Environmentally friendly (no cleaning agents required; no plastic).

Reusable and long life span.

Silica abrasive surface

The abrasive surface is made in an environmental way using the oldest glass-making technique which enables us to produce a variety of roughness suitable for soft or thick skin. The abrasive surface is ANTI-BACTERIAL.

Skin care revolution

A NEW WAY of peeling - Sakury products with silica abrasive surface go beyond simple cleaning. Thanks to our technology, silica goes into the second layer of the skin (dermis) which beneficially affects the skin in and makes the products also suitable for problematic skin.

Ergonomic design

The shapes of the lenses and files are designed to speed up and simplify the face, body, nails and feet care. The double file deflection mimics the contours of human hands and feet. The handles shape offers a comfortable grip and handling, the curvature of the abrasive part makes filing easier. The face lens has a bulging grip for better holding but the shape of the grip is also intended for nose treatment.