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Crystals & Minerals as Beauty Tools

November 7, 2018

Crystals and minerals have been used by different cultures for centuries for improving well-being and healing. Crystals have been used for beauty treatments already in ancient Egypt when Cleopatra bathed with chunks of rose quartz to enhance her natural beauty and prevent aging. Crystals are now becoming again a hot topic in the beauty industry.


You have probably heard of Rose Quartz, the crystal of unconditional love and beauty which is famous for having a strong effect on emotional health and well-being. Overall, there are many different varieties of quartz depending on the crystalline structure, but all have silicon dioxide as their base (SiO2). Depending on the crystalline structure and trace minerals there are more than 15 different types of quartz.


The most powerful healing stone is said to be a Clear Quartz Stone – it is said to bring clarity of the mind, improve focusing, assist in spiritual development, remove any energy blockage in the body. It is also believed that it protects against negativity and activates chakras.


Let’s look at the best crystal beauty products in the market:



Rose Quartz


All the rose-quartz devices work on the same principle – they are designed for a gentle face massage which promotes lymphatic drainage, improves skin tone and stimulates cell activity. They are also effective in reducing puffiness and increasing absorption of skin care products.


  • Rose Quartz Face Roller



  • Rose Quartz Heart Facial Sculptor


  • Rosebud Eye Treatment Set


TIP: Before use put the stone into the fridge for a while and enjoy the cooling effect on your face.



Clear Quartz


  • Sakury Crystal Peeling Lenses – Sakury Face and Sakury Body lenses are made of 99.7% pure quartz. They are unique thanks to the special mineral abrasive surface having all the benefits of the quartz effect. The crystal lenses ensure gentle exfoliation of the lifeless keratinized cells along with impurities accumulated on the skin surface, cleansing the skin and helping its restoration.


TIP: After using the lens, wait a couple of seconds before you rinse your face / body with water to get most of the quartz effect.



Who are these products for?


All these beauty gadgets are ideal for skin care lovers, for those who want to keep up with the newest technology in beauty industry, like natural environmentally friendly products and also for everyone who believes in positive energy of crystals!

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